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🥇Are you ready to elevate your restaurant’s status and unlock exclusive rewards in Cooking Diary? 🍽️💰 In this article, we will dive into the exciting world of prestige points and reveal the secrets to obtaining them. 💫

Have you ever wondered how to increase your income and showcase your achievements in the game? Our guide will provide you with valuable insights on how to earn prestige points in Cooking Diary. 📈✨

We will explore the different methods of acquiring prestige points, including purchasing items for your restaurant and earning prestigious medals. 💼🏅 Additionally, we will reveal the incredible prizes and unique rewards that await you as you accumulate prestige points. 🎁🏆

Get ready to level up your restaurant’s success and proudly display your achievements on your virtual wall! Let’s begin our journey to unlock the ultimate prestige in Cooking Diary! 🌟🍳

How To Get Prestige Points In Cooking Diary?

How To Get Prestige Points In Cooking Diary: Prestige points are awarded for all items bought for a restaurant. Each new prestige medal increases the restaurant’s income and unlocks valuable prizes and unique rewards to display on your wall.

Earning Prestige Points in Cooking Diary

In Cooking Diary, players have the opportunity to earn prestige points by purchasing items for their restaurant. These items can include decorations, kitchen equipment, and even new recipes. Every item bought contributes to the accumulation of prestige points, which are essential for progressing in the game.

Prestige points play a crucial role in the game as they determine the number of prestige medals a restaurant can earn. Each restaurant can aim to achieve up to six prestige medals, representing the highest level of recognition and success. The more prestige medals a restaurant has, the greater its income will be.

Maximizing Prestige Medals for Higher Income

The accumulation of prestige medals in Cooking Diary is not merely a status symbol. Each new prestige medal obtained by a restaurant leads to a significant increase in its income. This higher income allows players to expand their culinary empire, unlock new features, and enhance their overall gameplay experience.

To maximize the number of prestige medals for higher income, players must diligently earn prestige points by purchasing a wide variety of items for their restaurant. By diversifying their investments, players can ensure a steady stream of prestige points and eventually unlock more prestige medals.

Unlocking Valuable Prizes and Rewards with Prestige Medals

Prestige medals in Cooking Diary are not just a means to increase income; they also unlock valuable prizes and unique rewards. These prizes can range from exclusive decorations and kitchen upgrades to special recipes and bonuses. Such rewards not only enhance the visual appeal of a restaurant but also provide players with additional advantages in gameplay.

By earning more prestige medals, players can unlock higher-tier prizes and rewards. These coveted items are not only a testament to a player’s dedication and progress but also serve as valuable assets in their culinary journey.

Displaying Prizes and Rewards on Your Restaurant’s Wall

One of the most exciting aspects of earning prestige medals in Cooking Diary is the ability to proudly display the prizes and rewards on the restaurant’s wall. This feature allows players to showcase their achievements and create a visually stunning and unique dining experience for their customers.

Whether it’s an exquisite painting, a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance, or a rare collectible, each prize and reward earned through prestige medals adds a touch of prestige and elegance to the restaurant’s ambiance. By curating a captivating display, players can attract more customers and elevate their restaurant to new heights of success.

Storing and Managing Lives in Cooking Diary

In addition to prestige points and medals, lives are another essential aspect of the Cooking Diary experience. Lives represent the number of attempts or chances a player has to complete a cooking challenge or level. As lives are a limited resource, it is crucial to manage and utilize them effectively.

Lives received in the game are stored in specific tabs, allowing players to keep track of their available lives. These tabs include the Messages tab and the TastyMe tab.

Finding Lives Received in the Messages Tab

To find lives received in the Messages tab, players can tap the life icon and then select either “Request Lives” or “Send Lives.” The Messages tab will display the received lives, allowing players to acknowledge and appreciate the support from their friends and fellow players.

Finding Lives Received in the TastyMe Tab

Alternatively, lives received can also be found in the TastyMe tab. By tapping the TastyMe icon and selecting the Gifts tab, players can navigate to the Received tab to view the lives they have received. This provides another convenient way to keep track of the lives gifted by others.

Sending and Receiving Lives Limitations and Opportunities

While lives can be sent to friends as a gesture of goodwill, there are certain limitations to be aware of. In Cooking Diary, the number of lives that can be sent to friends is limited to twenty. This restriction ensures fairness and prevents abuse of the system.

On the other hand, the number of lives that can be received from visiting restaurants or winning at the Wheel of Fortune is infinite. This means that players can always benefit from the generosity of others and continue their cooking adventures uninterrupted.

Making the Most of Lives in Cooking Diary

To make the most of the lives in Cooking Diary, players should strategize and prioritize their usage. By choosing the right moments to utilize lives, players can optimize their progress and overcome challenging levels more efficiently. Wise management of lives can significantly enhance the overall gaming experience and lead to greater success in the culinary world.

Can additional lives be saved for later use?

Yes, additional lives in Cooking Diary can be saved for later use. If the maximum number of lives has already been reached, an additional life cannot be used immediately. However, it will not disappear and can be stored for future use. This allows players to accumulate lives and have a reserve of extra attempts when needed.

How many lives can be sent to friends?

In Cooking Diary, players can send up to twenty lives to their friends. This limit ensures a fair distribution of lives and prevents any imbalances in gameplay. By sending lives to friends, players can foster a sense of community and support among fellow culinary enthusiasts.


In Cooking Diary, the accumulation of prestige points, the pursuit of prestige medals, and the management of lives are fundamental elements that enhance the overall gaming experience. By strategically earning prestige points, players can unlock valuable rewards and increase their restaurant’s income. Additionally, lives provide opportunities to overcome challenges and progress further in the game.

By understanding the importance of prestige points and lives, players can maximize their potential in Cooking Diary and create a thriving culinary empire. So, dive into the world of Cooking Diary, earn those prestige points, and make the most of your lives to become a renowned chef and build the restaurant of your dreams! 🍳🌟

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